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Front Mudguard Height - Alpina Model 85


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I'm new to this so apologies if  the answer has already been posted.

I have acquired a part rebuilt Alpina.

I think it may be an American market model that's found it's way to the UK.

Frame engine number  B - 8503578

I think this came with a high and#39; motor cross' style mounted fender, can anyone help confirm please?

Assuming so, next challenge will be to track down some brackets etc.



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M85 in our part of the country were both ways/low&high so I'm not an authority on Alpinas, early maybe were low 

and later high as your post notes, some probably used Sherpa T mounts.

This is one I built & used some S. Miller fender mounts, I realize the blue fenders don't replicate a proper M85.


Have a nice day




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HI Larry and Scot Taco

Thank you both for your helpful replies, much appreciated.

Within the box of bits looks like a repaired high mount fender bracket, so I'll go with that format.

Best wishes


PS, yes, beautiful bike Larry

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  • 6 years later...

I know I  am 4 years late to this conversation, however, the high mudguard was for U.S export bikes along with the moto cross handlebars, and the low mudguard and trials handlebars were for the Spanish & UK market, Trials riding was very new to the US in the early 70's, and motocross not, so it was for marketing reasons, I however bought a US model from a private collection in Barcelona that never ever saw the U.S !...if you prefer the lower mudguard/fender spares are available from In Motion in the UK or Feked also in the UK.

Hope that helps, Jon.

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