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Long Mynd 2 Day Trial - Ssmcc


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After riding trials for over 35 years, also having a few years off with family commitments - The Long Mynd 2 Day Trial has to be the best trial I've ridden in the UK. (entries were full within 24 hrs of release) say no more.

South Shropshire MCC do a fantastic job in every aspect, a fabulous team effort.

The land and route used are 2nd to none - to be fair the team are planning months ahead.

Report and pictures sent to the Media and guess what, no pictures published, just a small section published even though the editor was contacted.

Why do others get a full page of pictures on a club trial ? 

This is not the first time this has happened and it totally brasses me off :wall:

Lets see what happens in January with the Vic Brittain :thumbup:



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The trial was run in the wrong part of the country!

TMX now stands for T'MX news its a northern thing !

The staff there dont know what there doing,its run by non motorcyclists,the trials reports are crap and the motocross has lots large pictures to fill the pages cause they dont know whos who and what to say.

Thats my View. :stupid: 

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Send reports and pix of Vic Brittain to me and I guarantee you'll get a 25/30 photos account in ORRe.  Indeed, send me the pack that you sent to 'the Media' and I'll see what can be published out of that.


I started in TMX when it was trials and Motocross News and Bill Lawless was editor, it grieves me to see how their standards have changed. 

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