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**stolen** Beta Evo 300Cc 2015 From West Yorkshire


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On Thursday 1st September 2016 @ 1.30pm broad daylight, 3 Young lads aged Approx between 20 - 30 broke into my garage, using a petrol stihl saw to cut through the chains. They where seen loading the Beta Evo 300 2015, Norco Mountain Bike into back of a light silver Ford Focus Estate 2009, Car reg PN59 BYJ - Reg comes back to the right car but police belive it is a poole/clone car, They could not close the boot of the car due to the bike being too long for the car and left the boot/tail gate open while driving away, If you do see this car please contact West Yorkshire Police Immediately!!!!

Stolen from Idle, BD10. West Yorkshire

Car Reg:- PN59 BYJ - Attached Similar picture of car.

The motorbike and mountain bike cant of gone far and must be local, Please can everybody share this as this was my pride and Joy.

Beta Evo 300cc 2015

Engine Number: ZD3T

Frame Number: 60102E0603711

Norco Charger 7.3 2015 Model

Colour Black/Yellow

The bike is stickered up with cloburn stickers on the bike, Red Jitsie rim tape, Red lanyard and also Jitsie red Handlebar pad.

Please all share this!!!!!!


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*******s. My daughter was in bed two Fridays back and two scumbags removed a fence panel, smashed the double doors on the workshop and made off with her Kawasaki MX bike. They ought to crash and burn, the low life scum.

I hope you get it back.

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That car (the genuine one anyway) was MOTd on 9 August so it should be easy enough to trace and check thoroughly, if the police can be bothered.


Having seen what goes on in BD housing estates its a fair bet your bike will raced round a bit then dumped.

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