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1975 Tl250


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Just picked up a tl250. The kick start lever needs to be replaced and I was wondering what other models shared the same part. I searched the oem part number on eBay but I got a kick start arm for a ton of other bikes also. Anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance!

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 I know this is an old topic but I have the same problem on my 1975 TL250. It has cracked and been welded several times with no long lasting success. I do have a XL250 lever on it now but it does not have the length or bend to clear the foot peg. To use it I have a ty-wrap around the frame so when I need to start it I fold the peg up out of the way but then have to bend down to unhook it so the peg will flop down in the correct position. That gets me by but the added length on the lever also allows for a much easier kick. My 71 year old knee protests about that. 😁. It would be nice to know if there are any other levers, maybe even from  newer bikes or other brands that would work. It's been a 4 year search and I haven't found anything other than the Honda XL250 that fits. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have up loaded a picture of the original vs. the XL250 one.


Replacement comparison to original.jpg

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