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Looking back on youth trials


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Obviously plenty of interest ikn this topic so if you will bear with I will trawl the offroadarchive for youth images taken over the years and post them for all to see on 'tc' - increasingly, in my opinion, the enthusiasts forum.

Sadly I cannot identify a lot of the youngsters and even in the cases where I still have entry lists, in this case from James Moorhouse taken at Low North in 1986, not every image allows you to see the riding number.........so if anyone recognises this lad, please tell us, equally please keep hitting the 'like' button for as long as you would like me to keep trawling - there are over a quarter of a million images in the archive now, so I shall be hard put to get them all out on public view - but having them hidden away in my filing cabinets when they could be in view and being enjoyed is not my way.  What is more it is totally non-commercial, my only request, if you would like free copies of any of the images, please join the ORRe club......

default 22.jpg

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Another James Moorhouse image at a Low North 1986 event - with a video record being taken in the background - remember if you want to keep these coming just press the 'like' button.

default 25.jpg

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