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RL250 Light Kit Wiring Diagram?


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Yes, thanks. I've been looking at that. Purchased a TS250 Stator a while back.

Just did not want to reinvent the wheel.

I've purchased two diodes that I'll put on the positive and negative wires, should do it. I'll put a fuse in the line also, start with 10 amp.



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On a TS250 I had, I ran the lights directly off the flywheel coils as i found that rectifiers and diodes absorbed too much power. The big problem with this is blowing the taillight, but I got around this by using a single filament indicater bulb with a large resistor in line. The brake light switch simply bypassed this and restored it to full brightness. I usually had a bulb horn but did run an electric one from the battery coil using the original diode. I used 12v bulbs 35watts at the front (or 55 if using halogen) and 21 at the rear.

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