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Hopping on rear Wheel... any pros out there to answer these questions?


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I know that this is a very advanced technique and most of people can only dream about it, but I just wanna make sure I m on the right track!

I can do several complete stops while wheeling like slow holding pressure, lets say 7-8 on a good run. I m not fully controlling the direction  but I m also trying to stop for as long as possible each time. My questions are:

What gear should I be training this?? I usually use 1st. it seems easier to bring the nose up and requires less distance... anyone out there that hops well on the rear? what gear do you use?

is there any terrain I should look for??  like, I thought about few small 4" diameter logs lined up just far enough. or just a plain steep terrain with traction would be better??  Thanks all

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First gear. It's easier to learn if you find a small incline/hill and point yourself up it. You want to do everything in the 'seated' position: knees bent. Bring the front up from a dead stop, otherwise you're carrying too much speed, rear brake to stop, compress into it with your legs, then pop the clutch and sort of push your feet out in front of you. If you watch any of the pros do it you'll sort of see what I'm trying to describe. I still can't do it, but I'm getting closer.

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