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Telford review, personal!


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Well, I got there, finally. And a great show for old men, and a few younger ones as well. Great atmosphere, lots of friendly people and a few old celebrities. Old and new stuff everywhere, but perhaps a bit more crap and rusty frames then expected. Not that many new bikes, almost no new works machinery and almost no e-bikes. I am not critical, just observing and getting a bit surprised, but still rather satisfied on my drive back to London and a late flight home.

2018-02-17 14.09.54.jpg

2018-02-17 15.44.25.jpg2018-02-17 14.18.38.jpg



And Telford centre ....... even uglier than I remembered. After years of "development", time has come to demolish some of the offices from a couple of decades back to make room for even more ...shopping? All those standard designed shopping complexes look the same wherever you go, so why not part of a Telford facelift?? Sad!


2018-02-18 12.10.19.jpg

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