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  1. Before and After COTA 349

    Great job! Hard work and loads of time and money right there. Worth it though, good to see
  2. Bolt behind seat

    Mine has it too
  3. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    Another pic from the other side
  4. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    Phase two now completed Mikuni carb Electronic ignition wider foot rests "raced up" with some stickers and carbon front plate Xlites Decompressor Plastic mudguards Starts first kick, runs as sweet as a nut Just need a free weekend and we're away, ready to roll! :
  5. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    A brace of twinshocks
  6. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    Completed phase one of the Sherpa project. Phase two will see some mods for actually competing on her
  7. Kick Start "Click"

    Thanks for your help guys. Just fitting the kick start itself seemed to cure the issue, probably because it slightly holds the shaft out? Anyway all seems good to go
  8. Kick Start "Click"

    As the engine turns over there is a very pronounced "click" from the kick start mechanism. Its the ratchet mechanism clicking, like when the kick start returns. My question is, this seems a bit harsh, surely the bike will sound like a football clacker when it runs? I'm pretty sure I have rebuilt the engine properly, the kick start shaft is in the exact same place as it was before, but I didn't test it. Do I have to strip the whole lot down again to change something? A common issue? Edited to add: Sherpa 250 T 1978
  9. I've just put the clutch back together after fitting new main seals, etc. When setting the tension on the clutch springs, how far do I tighten the nuts? I have assumed the tops of the pins and nuts are level, but is this about right?
  10. Sherpa Electronic Ignition

    I will be riding competition twinshock trials. Only comparison is with the original set up.
  11. Sherpa Electronic Ignition

    250, 1978
  12. Sherpa Electronic Ignition

    OK, I am going to fit electronic ignition, I realise not all you guys see a need for it. But I am going to fit it So do I: Use the existing flywheel? Heavier for possible momentum and what the engine was designed for. Or Get the lightweight internal one? Lighter, (Revyer?), far easier to set up, install and maintain.
  13. Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    Nice looking Monty
  14. Goggles or not?

    I have the Acerbis one, and it is excellent value. My only negatives are that the visor is smoked and the helmet is a bit wide, obviously to accommodate the visor. I also have the Hebo one, which equally as wide. I like the safety glasses idea