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  1. Nice bike! Great to see you persevered and worth it in the end
  2. There's not a grain of truth in that
  3. OK, I remember, that was quick No stripping down is required. The bolt that holds the spring in place, actually its a stud with a nut on it from the outside. Well inside the engine the stud head has to fit into a set position. Its possible to tighten this nut up from outside but inside its slightly in the wrong place, causing the kick start shaft from fully returning. Loosen the nut and turn the stud, you will know when its right because more thread is exposed. This fixed it. Good luck and let us know.
  4. Good news and bad news I had this problem, and it was an easy fix. I just can't think of it right now. Thats helpful Something wasn't quite put back right, I'll have a look at the bike to see if it will jog my memory.
  5. I have an Electrex World electronic ignition on my Bultaco Sherpa, it is excellent and I can highly recommend it
  6. Just checked mine. White and black to earth at the coil Red to the coil, with the condenser from the coil feed and earthed, at the coil. (Make sure condenser has been removed from its original position behind the flywheel) Whether yours is wired the same, I've no idea, but that is the way mine is Mine will have electrex world electronic ignition if I am to keep it, which is in the balance as I have my eye on a new bike
  7. Found an image I borrowed the puller, but I still have the adapter as pictured.
  8. OK, let us know how it goes. It is a proper b'stard to get off.
  9. I made a machined part which fits over the primary drive and allows a large puller to "Grab" it. Similar to the one pictured but more chunky. You are welcome to borrow it, I did have some images, but I can't find them, you'll have to use a puller, but even a monster puller fits using this adaptation.
  10. Great job! Hard work and loads of time and money right there. Worth it though, good to see
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