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Kia Twinshock Trials

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First round for 2018 is this weekend at  PlasOnn Farm Selatyn , run by Aqueducts, thought I might have a day out and go and have a look, suss it all out :)

So if you see a slightly over weight old git with a silly hat on, its probably me :)           

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Great day out, a lot of walking, which is fine on a glorious day in the countryside. A big thank you to the land owner I would say, to allow a couple of hundred old trials bike to ride around all day.

Some pretty amazing skills by some on those old bikes, looked very enjoyable. Well turned out machines for the most part, a few ratty bikes, but as a rule some very nice bikes. Never saw a single Montesa and only two or three Bultacos, loads of Fantics, Yamahas and TLR’s, which seem to be the most popular bikes. The air cooled mono’s with the right rider easily out performed the twin shock bikes from what I saw.

Some riders must get a bit fed up with others in the way, some inconsiderate riders looking at the sections whilst others are trying to navigate their way through, I suppose there’s a mixture of all sorts as in life.

So now I’ve, sort of, sussed it out, how it all seems to work I need to get the Bultaco finished off and myself out there.

See you next time from the saddle then, (Or lying upside down in a pool of mud).

Took a few random photos, here’s a couple.




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