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M49 and M150 look like twins!


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That is a great event! They have a "Cacklefest" which is when they line up all the old nitrous burning dragsters from the 60's and fire them all up at the same time - the ground shakes like a earthquake (bring your ear plugs!).... really cool....

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9 hours ago, 71zman said:

I love this picture - a M150 next to my M49 Kit Campeon at a local trials event in Southern California USA today :)

what a pair!.jpg

Really nice looking pair of Sherpas. As for twins no, the frame tubes are different, rear dampers different, front guard stays different, kickstart angles different, tank decals missing on M49 plus extra sticker on top of tank unit. Other than that ‘twins’. I just hope my M80 when completed comes somewhere near to your standards of preparation?? What state were the bottom frame tubes (beneath engine) I had to make up new tubes and weld in as originals were crushed and dented way beyond resurrection????

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Good eye on the differences - so maybe just fraternal twins (haha).......

The M49 bottom frame tubes were in good shape and only required new paint when I restored the bike. But because riding in our area is primarily desert with lots of rock steps - bash plates are needed.  I found a NOS bash plate on ebay that is made from heavy PVC material that does a good job protecting both the tubes and the cases from damage.

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