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Kill switch


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I have a JCM 323 that I use infrequently.

At the weekend it started fine on the Saturday afternoon, but at the Sunday trial nothing (although there did appear to be a week spark).

I suspected the kill switch and with this disconnected it works fine.  The switch was connected to the blue wire on the Motoplat ignition coil and I think it just breaks the connection.

Today I have fitted the lanyard type switch from my Beta (and it worked fine there).  This still does not work, but again with the blue wires just connected it  fires up every time.

I have put a meter across the lanyard switch and this seems to show an open circuit with the cap on and about 59 Ohms with it off  (which seems the wrong way round to me).

Any advice on where I am going wrong and suggestions for an effective kill switch?

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I don't think the switch I had on originally made a earth.  I simply cut the blue wire and fitted the switch wires to each end.  I assumed the circuit would be complete with the switch on "run" and broken to cut the engine.  I have seen switches that create a earth to the bars when pressed but this is not the arrangement I had.  Might be better to go down this route.

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You could try 

Connect your original two blue wires together, then take a wire from this connection to one wire of the lanyard and then connect the other lanyard wire to earth

So that when you pull the cap off the kill switch, the current will go to earth rather than onto the coil

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Managed to find a wiring diagram on line that showed a simple earth from the kill switch.  Have rewired the lanyard button so that its goes to earth as suggested and this works fine.

Thanks for all your help.

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