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tl250 rear sprocket..

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afternoon guys..

ive been absent for a while whilst getting an xt500 back together ...

im now onto a tl250...

the rear bearings were shot probably due to the retainer being locked solid...when the wheel was off i have seen the original rear dished sprocket it showing signs of wear...

i know these are hard to find ...there are a few are in usa but other than being expensive add on shipping and import duties make it very expensive....

so im going to ask does anyone know of any in the uk or even europe...

i dont mind paying the going rate for one but it would be easier to cope with with out the extra ontop...

perhaps someone has one hanging in their shed and wants some cash for it

or has any one successfully redressed an alloy sprocket and ground back to shape?

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As another option, it shouldn't be too difficult to source a suitable flat sprocket for a different bike, even if you have to re-drill it to match your bolt spacings, or have one made, and use a spacer between that and the hub. This was standard practice with the Ossa MAR which also used a dished sprocket.

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yeah i see talon do a specific sprocket and spacer for ths 250..

i may go down that route and keep the original as is..

but at the moment im keen to keep it as stock as possible...even though i know its an expensive path

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