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Fork oil

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The internals of the 2018s are different. Supposedly volume is now are the same for both legs. I changed the oil in mine and drained out roughly 300cc from each leg. manual says 297g. Replaced the 6.1wt with 2.5wt since the forks seemed far too sluggish in compression. Much cushier now. Don't try to drain forks with bottom screw. Remove them from the clamps and invert them. Yeah it's a pain. The screw on the bottom of the cartridge side doesn't come out properly on the new forks. It just gets loose but doesn't come out and then can't be tightened up again. I fought with mine for about two hours. Many bad words were said. I made a cartridge holder out of PVC pipe and it still wouldn't tighten. Finally resorted to tapping the top of the PVC while seated in the cartridge while turning the screw when it finally caught. The new forks look like the old Paiolis but they are made by Sachs.

And after five rides on the new bike the oil that came out was full of aluminum in suspension. Much more than I would have expected. As if the sliders were not properly cleaned after being machined.

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