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Identification of early model Bultaco aluminum slimline tank/seat


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I'm trying to identify / gather information on this early model Bultaco aluminum slimline tank/seat.  This tank is aluminum with an aluminum cap that hinges on one side.  The tank has been repainted. 

Who made this tank? What would be the approximate year these were made and for what model Bultaco bikes (M10, M27, M49 ?) and approximate value. 





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1974-75 Sherpa models     M124/M125 & M132/M133

Homerlite UK

Probably worth more in the UK

Interesting that you are from the States.

In the 1970’s the UK government banned Fibreglass tanks on new bikes for road use. This was based on some serious accidents that occurred with bikes fitted with  fibreglass tanks. This ban existed until the UK laws were brought into line with EU law at a later date. My understanding is that bikes were imported into the UK without tanks and then the local produced tank was fitted by the importer. Other markets than the UK continued to be fitted with the Slimline tank and seat unit. Both were replace in 1976 by the alloy 1 piece tank.

(Dates approx)


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