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Tank and Exhaust Heat Shield Respray

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I've recently bought a nice 1976 TY175 with a view to doing the odd twinshock trial. It's very clean and original but has a nick in one of the graphics on the tank and the heat shield is a bit off colour. I've ordered new graphics and a local paint shop will do the respray and lacquer etc.

Two quick q's.

1. Does £200 sound about right for this job? Back in 1980 I did my own respray and lacquer with cans but I need a better finish than my lack of talent will deliver.

2. Does anyone know the colour code (it is a white model)?



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I used a white aerosol spray on my TY250, it’s was appliance white...washing machines etc. I usedetch prime first to give a good key and surface for the paint to adhere to. Obviously there was the preparation work removing previous scratches and rust. The end result matched the original Yamaha petrol tank perfectly. If you do your heat shield then you can save money, clear lacquer on the heat shield for a trials bike will make touching up scratches hard work, the shield will get scratched from boot contact and muddy trousers scuffing against it. If the nick is in the decals on the tank then that’s going to be at least £100 ish or more, the original decals were applied to the white tank and then lacquered over, that’s factory finish unless your tank has had previous paint work. As there are quite a few shades of white for cars a good paint shop should be easily able to match the colour shade. When I was selling the TY range the paint was virtually brilliant white when we opened up the cardboard transport boxes. As for lack of talent, practice on some old tank or metal sheet to get a feel for the work. Patience and attention to detail could see you producing an effective finish, check out Google and Youtube for pointers. £35 in materials and some sweat and effort will save you ££££’s🙂 Have you had a quote yet or is £200 your estimate? 

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That's great - many thanks for your help. I used to spray old minis with cans when I was a kid (my own I hasten to add...!) so just having the bottle to do it again! Good tip on the heat shield too. Doubtless be back for more TY advice soon...

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