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Getting Hot


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can anybody help i have just purchased a 03 249 pro i love the bike but having just done a road trial i noticed it got HOT on the road a started spitting a little water from breather pipe, i was not caining it just going steady away, has anybody any ideas it would be a help ??

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Probably loads of things that it could be. I'll leave them to the guru's, but is the fluid level OK and is it the right mix (I think GasGas used to recommend a VW coolant mixed 50/50 with water)

More importantly - is the fan spinning well. I had one go gradually which meant overheating got gradually worse and worse. I put a 2003 fan on my 2002 because they were better sealed so it may well be OK.

I'd forgotten how strong the fan used to be, but when I replaced it I realised that it used to cause a real draught.

If you need to test it you can disconnect it and put a car battery to it. It should go like stink. See if there is any play on the bearings.

A couple of ideas anyway

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