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  1. There are loads of Bou vids on youtube, just look like a bunch of lads havin a laugh!!, good on 'em!!
  2. I also wonder how many kids have been chucked off a local park like we were. Last weekend we went to Filey, country car park where we were told by Scarboro boro councils "parkie" that it is illegal to ride motorbikes so i pointed out it was just an electric "toy". He then gave me chapter and verse about some kid hitting a car on a minimoto in summer and costing his parents
  3. Very good Heath but why are you dressed like man from Debenhams??
  4. Wow look at the size of Dabsters .........indicators!
  5. Well said Dan, my only other thought about this was that, yes i know i have a scorpa so im a bit biased, he could buy a long ride SY250 2t(as from his description he is doing a bit of trail riding) and zip the motor up a bit by moving the stator plate. The only place that Scorpas look scabby quick is on the frame where your boots rub and that is easily solved by using that real thick sticky carbon look stuff! My two cents worth!!
  6. All that new stuff to look at on a GG, f.i , 4t etc etc and in the third photo down the most interesting thing to look at for "beardy" is the 09 mudguard fixings!!!
  7. Want to see a groundbreaking new 4 stroke mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. On the YOU HAVE USED WORDS OR A PHRASE WHICH ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THIS WEBSITE. PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST/TOPIC. DO NOT TRY TO CIRCUMVENT THE FILTERS IN PLACE ON THIS WEBSITE website it has a picture of next months mag (poss spanish version?) and it mentions a 125 4-t pro!! what is this all about have i missed something? or is it a brand new bike?
  9. Renthal every single time!!! without any doubt.
  10. Check out the price on the leopard suit this morning!!!, Bikespace really wants that suit!!
  11. Possibly THE funniest thing on tc for a while, im gonna get one each of those leopard skin jobbies for bikespace and neonsurge for the next tc bash!!!!!!
  12. lastplacebrad


    Hi, not being a knob here but you believe it is there or it is there definetley? No offense taken. If is that important, I will check when I get home tonite for the exact location. Well?, Dr have you been home yet, we are all in suspenders waiting!!
  13. lastplacebrad

    Tuning/trick Bits

    See previous thread about Top trial version you dont get anymore bling than that!!!
  14. lastplacebrad


    Hi, not being a knob here but you believe it is there or it is there definetley?
  15. lastplacebrad


    Is the black cylindrical regulator still in position on the ally "sub frame" and is it connected.
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