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  1. bilc0

    Montesa Cota 242

    Tbh on mine once the points was set up correctly i never had a problem with them, the engine is just weak on low end throttle range, if this electronic ignition can race the engine up like the fantic engine does i can see the 242 becoming abit more popular.
  2. bilc0

    Montesa Cota 242

    will be interesting to know how it works with the engine, might put one on my 242 if its theres alot of diffrence over the points system.
  3. If you go into the renting agents and put down 6 months rent in advance on the table they won't ask for credit statements, 6 months is the standard contract here.
  4. Yer unfortunately classic trials is killing itself. Now you can pick up a good mid 2000yr modern bike up for under a grand,if i was starting out this is where i would go.
  5. The way i read it is he was only asked to be guest of honour, i think that meant opening the trial not riding it, then he asked to ride it, what would you say to him if it was your event. Im not sure why people were expecting national Tv to turn up.
  6. Unfortunately Everything from Braketec seems suspect quality. Changed the caliper piston seals with Braketec every seal leaked, managed to find some original AJP seals no leaks.
  7. The pro thieves are using trackers also, they dont need to follow you back, they just drop a tracker on you and watch.
  8. It seems to be getting the name "The Telford Tax".
  9. Now now before jumping to conclusions if his team were wearing the wheels round there necks they could have just been making an innocent fashion statement.
  10. bilc0

    No Comment

    Looks like a French public convenience.
  11. Nah this would have been a better fitting soundtrack.
  12. This bloke might be worth a shot http://www.inmotiontrials.com/contact-us/ i know he has a lesser bike name written over he's website but i think your find he knows he's way around a Fantic.
  13. Hahaha, A pregnant match stick.
  14. Im not surprised he got the needle, have you never ordered the Number 5.
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