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4RT headlight switch positiining?


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Hello Boner, 

 The headlight visor has an area behind it on the right side that has plastic tabs that the switch will sandwich with nuts and serrated washer , u will find the lighting harness only long enough to mount the switch at this location. The headlight kit I purchased came with the visor , bulb and wire harness including switch to mount to the visor. The switch should orient face down to provide water resistance so the red button faces down. U have to hold the switch in place and give the mounting nut a good snug but be careful not to deform the mounting tabs ,or it will want to come loose later. As a side note I found the motorcycle would not start if the light switch is left on because of the drain on the voltage, its critical to turn it off before every start or restart of the bike or u will find a no start condition present. Good luck


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 One thing I would like to add is my 2015 had the short kickstart lever and was a pain to start in the best of conditions, usually two kicks minimum. I now have the long kickstart lever installed and finding the bike starts on the first kick now most of the time with the extra leverage. I have not experimented to see if I can start it with the headlight on since I installed the long lever , it was not impossible before the lever change but was very difficult. I am curious now with the long lever if it will possibly be easier or no problem at all with the headlight left on. They do look cool with the headlight visor installed, the repsol team runs them. I weighed the original number plate against the headlight visor and found very little difference with the bulb and visor only a couple grams heavier .

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I purchased a micro three-pole switch and mounted it off to one side of headlight shroud--- middle is OFF and one side is ON, was going to use the blank third pole in the future for maybe a volt meter or mood lighting...

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