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  1. Chain

    a proper trials chain has 1.5mm link plates. all other chains have 2mm link plates to be heavy duty enough for mx use . the exra thickness is why they don't work well with the tensioner, its desgned for the narrow chain. also the light chain contributes to the response needed for certain trials maneuvers. u will feel the difference between lightweight and heavv duty chain.
  2. 4rt 2017 weak engine or high idle

    the rpm meter has gone wonky. the first thing that has to be corrected is the setup of the meter for correct operation, that is essential. the 4rt has to be very close to 1800 rpms to operate correctly. scrutinize the meter to see if the button was pushed during its fall and changed the settings/ I think its reading half scale right now.
  3. TL250 - now running, well sort of...

    Hello Mal, one thing u should check, on my bike when I first got it running it would start and idle well but seemed to have a major carb problem when given throttle around the house, the seat was actually blocking the airbox opening and only letting enough air to idle but not run right at speed. remove the seat and try with the airbox opening clear of the seat and ride it to see if that changes anything. I took my carb apart three times before I found the airbox opening too close to the seat bottom. one more thing, check the gascap for proper venting, either blow thru the line or remove the cap gasket and do a visual on the vent orifice to see if it is closing off from oxidation.
  4. Where can you purchase TL 250 parts in Australia?

    The fork seals , orings, and sealing washers are all still available thru honda for a complete fork service. They are shown in stock at my distributor. a quick word about tl250 side panels, they were a flawed design. There was no support designed into the panel where your leg applies pressure when balancing the motorcycle in trials situations, the first time u lean on them a little u hear a crack, its the panel splitting. for side panels I found a pair on ebay that had both split in two. I mixed up a batch of epoxy resin from a quart bottle of surfboard building epoxy. I layed up the backside of the panels with epoxy and fiberglass to mend them back together , then for support I fashioned a roughly .375 inch piece of wood to epoxy to the backside of the side panel right where it runs along the frame at the top edge. the wood strip fills the gap that allows the panel to flex and crack. now they are tough as nails and I can have all sorts of fun static balancing the bike and run four laps around a trial and not hear the dreaded side panel crack. the aftermarket side panels are even more fragile than the originals, I tried a pair and cracked them very quickly before I repaired and upgraded a pair of originals for my bike. its kind of funny because the side panels were actually a featured item in the tl250 brochure as being newly engineered ultralight weight pieces that were a trick part of the new bike.
  5. Where can you purchase TL 250 parts in Australia?

    hello Mal, I built my tl125 and tl250 from ebay parts mostly, things like the plug cap and sparkplugs and gaskets are available thru honda still though and it is best to always check the microfiche first for availability, then go to used sources. I actually found on ebay a new old stock tl250 motor that I started for its first time in 2016, so my 250 has ultra low hours on it. my wifes 125 has a newly rebuilt engine with a sl125 cam and piston and top secret heat shield to open up the intake to 25mm instead of 22mm . for photos of me and agent 99s bike look at the post in honda forum "happy new year" we were playing on new years day in the snow and posted photos of the bikes.
  6. Electrical query TL250 Help needed

    hey, the spark plug cap will actually have 5k printed on it if u look close. and the spark plug has to be the original spec as shown on the parts list not the iridium equivalent modern plug. people often think the iridium upgrade is smart, but in reality it wont work on points ignition. I looked at ngk replacement spark plug caps on ebay to see the difference between standard and resister type so I could start spotting improper setup from a distance now. u could probably look at the ngk catalog to see the difference as well. I recently purchased a ct70 honda with a resister cap on it by mistake and it ran much better after a new standard cap was installed.
  7. Electrical query TL250 Help needed

    Hello Desmo. I believe u have it drawn right. the stator has two complete separate coils. one for the ignition system and one for the optional light system. the black/white lead is for the ignition and the yellow is for the lights 6 volt lighting. u will not use the yellow at all if no lights. the points connect to the ignition to supply a ground point that switches on and off to create each spark at the spark plug. remember they have to be clean enough to actually connect to ground or u will not make any spark. the kill switch grounds the system permanently when switched off to kill the spark. how does it work. when the points are open during the phase of rotation there open, the mag coil is energizing the primary side of the ignition coil, when the points close the voltage is stopped from flowing and the built up electrical field in the primary side of the ignition coil goes out thru the secondary side of the coil stepped up to a very high voltage thru winding ratio and travels to the spark plug and sparks to ground there. then the points open back up and the voltage flows again to the ignition coil building the voltage field and when the points close again it sparks again. remember its essential to use non resister spark plugs and non resister plug cap or the engine will never run right when u get it started, ive seen too many times people using 5k resister modern plugs or 5k plug cap and not understand why it wont run right, modern resister plugs and caps are only for electronic ignition system use and reduce the spark intensity on a points application causing poor running. check Wikipedia for the theory of points ignition systems for a clearer write up and understanding of the system, ill try to post up a wiring diagram later today. one more thing, the tl250 I purchased had a newly rebuilt engine but would not start in spite of having the three items for ignition , it would spark had compression and had fuel. but the cam that opens the points was assembled out of phase 180 degrees so the spark was happening on the wrong stroke . exhaust stroke not the compression stroke , took me a while before I figured it out. hope this helps. gotta go surfs up.
  8. New to me 73 Alpina 350: No Spark

    bill, take a look around the internet at articles focusing on the theory and principles of whats happening in a points style ignition, I think u will find it a good read . my point is u can gain an understanding of the components of a typical system and once u see what each piece does and when and why u can apply that to getting your bike right . the key is to understand what happens in one cycle of the engine to create one single spark . then it all gets much clearer the goal of each connection and item. and I notice the terminal block on the bike I believe only connects across left to right not top to bottom, so your green wires are not connected together as currently configured.
  9. New to me 73 Alpina 350: No Spark

    hello, ive been running a few old bikes lately. the first thing I want to mention is the point style ignition cannot use any type of resister in the sparkplug or plug cap. so don't make the mistake of purchasing a 5k resister sparkplug cap or modern iridium plug with a 5k resister built in, its critical to use the correct non resister sparkplug and cap or the bike will never run right when u get it running... points are just a connection to ground when they are closed, ive had nearly new points that when they sit too long the tarnish on the point pads prohibits the connection to ground and the voltage can not build up in the primary side of the ignition coil. if the points don't actually connect to ground because of tarnish on the pads u will never make any voltage. . I would find a wiring diagram for the bike, wire it exactly as shown, install new points so u know u are getting the connection to ground, set the point gap to the wider side of the specs so u get adequate dwell providing a good spark. when the points are closed the coil in the motor creates voltage that goes to the primary side of the sparkplug coil, when the points open the collapsing voltage field has no choice but to go out thru the secondary side of the coil that ups the voltage by winding ratio and sends it to the plug causing the spark. u need adequate dwell to give the spark time to happen before the points close again building up the primary field before disconnecting and sending the voltage to the plug again. the capacitor is not a critical component to running, its only function is to reduce the arc at the points and extend the life of the points, the bike will run wthout the capacitor but the points will have a shortened life from arc pitting. hope this info helps. capacitor and condenser the same part my bad reference
  10. Should I buy a 1986 Honda TLR200 that won't start?

    ethanol fuel has closed off the pilot jet, that's a great deal for that bike. I would buy it and soak the carb in hondabrite for 24hrs and install new jets and enjoy a great running honda. after the carb is done use the hondabrite to wash the bike and find out how a proper bike wash does for removing dirt and grease. full strength hondabrite will strip varnish from inside the carb. with the 24 hour soak.
  11. new montesa parts availability

    Thanks for the link to the 2017 , I was not finding that one yet. the advice about the chain is correct as well. i've been looking and u cant find any chain in the states as light weight and durable as the oem. Also would like to purchase the long kickstart as well so my wife can have more joy attempting to start the 2015 4rt we bought for her. im looking to keep my bike all oem , I find that's the cheapest route in the long run most of the time. noticing now what I need is more available than I thought , I had forgotten how to find the part numbers and work with them.
  12. new montesa parts availability

    thanks jimmy, I need to use google more often, didn't think of that.
  13. Montesa 4RT Idle Speed with Induction Tach

    with my single cylinder close proximity tachometer I have to set the rpm to 900/950 to achieve the proper idle of 1800/1850 . this has led me to think its only firing on the power stroke somehow
  14. new montesa parts availability

    what I was really wanting to know is if any honda dealers have made the microfiche available to the public . I would like to be able to choose my own parts and purchase and have them sent to my shop. that's how I maintain all the other bikes in my riding and racing program. im not interested in trying to communicate with a parts guy at a dealership, thats not how it works anymore . I just called my favorite parts distributor and requested that they look at making montesa parts available thru their program, hopefully that solves my problem.
  15. new montesa parts availability

    Oh , thanks lineaway I did not know that.