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Oset 16 - Lipo Conversion - What do I need?

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Hi All,

Looking for some simple help and guidance on a Lipo Conversion.

My son is very small, so I'm looking to save weight and increase range!

Does anybody have a list of exactly what bits I'll need to oder from Hobbyking, to do the conversion?


Understand that I'll need a balance charger and monitor/alarm system on the battery pack itself.

But, what will we need in terms of connectors and the batteries themselves?


Many thanks in advance!









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The following is my hack solution based on others who've gone before me and this has been working for 2 years now.  I found the simplest path was to buy 4 x 5000mAh 5s 18.5v LiPo's from Hobby King, and run them with 2 serial/2 parallel wiring.  I use standard RC chargers to provide balance charging.  These packs give 37v nominal with 42v at full charge with 10A delivery and reduces your weight by at least 15lbs. I also converted all connectors to XT-90's to make it easy for myself.  These packs are 3.7v per 1s and HK sells tiny beeping batt monitors (essential!!!) which hooks to each JST connector so you can have your child stop riding when the voltage drops to 3.6 or 3.7 (basically half way, settable on monitor).

Now if I wanted to do a 48v, I'm not totally certain what path I'd choose at this point (for a OSET 20).  If I go much further on this I might end up trying 18650 cell arrays with BMS, but HK does the job.

Obviously this hack pack setup runs without proper low-votage cut-off which is considered critical for Li and its dangerous to run Li batts down completely. Please review what RC guys say about safety and treating their packs. 

Huge thanks to Gwhy and others on this forum who gave me knowledge, confidence and inspired me to take a chance on this stuff!  I'm not a electrical guy and without the info on this forum I wouldn't have attempted it.

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