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  1. Hi did you get anywhere with the upgrade? I'm also looking fr a reasonably priced Lipo set up for oset 16 36v
  2. If your tyre says "NOT FOR ROAD USE" usually found in MITCHELINS look for (MST) which means multi surface tyre. Some testers will want to fail you for this if being picky but as long as the tyre has "MST" they cant. No lights are needed just a horn and proper size plate if you need a reflector just get a stick on one and stick it to the number plate. This is by my experiences and hope it helps as i got my bike tested on Wednesday.
  3. Have to say i started ssdt with a brand new pair of novogars and yes good at resisting water but by the end of the week they looked like i had used them for a couple of years at least!! . Most of the colour has come off and looking well used. They are however comfy and feel well made. You get what you pay for and all trials boots are mega over priced along with the clothing. Previous to these i have mainly used alpinestars which i have to say have stood up far better but due to there mental price hike i opted for the novogars.
  4. Hi i have put a sherco rear brake lever on my mont (4rt which is the same as the 315r) and it sits well out of harms way. Fits straight on using old spacers. Hope this helps
  5. Hi as long as the tyres dont say NOT FOR ROAD USE then they are legal. FOR COMPETITION USE ONLY doesnt state that they cant be used on the road. Also just had my bike MOT and confirmed this with the tester. Hope that helps
  6. Hi Dave is it because you have taken all the restrictors out and your usually upside down mate?
  7. Hi Daymo try Cambusbarron but dont tell anyone!!!!!. And dont park up with a trailer or van,watch out for walkers and dont make to much noise and dont leave any mess and dont go there all the time and dont reck the trails and dont go to near the quarry etc etc etc!!! Do buy a road bike!!! atleast you can use it!!! Try www.lmcc.co.uk or the dunfermline club there prob is a web site but cant rem. Hope that helps. Ground is near impossible to find. ps keep looking over your shoulder!. Scottyboy
  8. Yeh scroll down! then call your bank manager . Only Jimpo can afford gear like that!!!
  9. I think it might be George Mortons old bike the one that went on FIRE!!.
  10. Hi i see this topic has already been brought up but with no replies?. There was an advert in the last issue of YOU HAVE USED WORDS OR A PHRASE WHICH ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THIS WEBSITE. PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST/TOPIC. DO NOT TRY TO CIRCUMVENT THE FILTERS IN PLACE ON THIS WEBSITE asking you to register with dunlop via there web site to order discounted tires? I have looked but am unable to find how to do this? Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks Scott
  11. Hi can anyone help use have a ride around the stirlingshire, Glasgow or even in ayrshire area?? We are trials riders and ride from club to ssdt level and are very contious how to conduct ourselves on private land. We are looking for somewhere different as we ride the same ground too often. Any help, advice, guidance, phone numbers, winks in the right direction or even this is a good place and i never had any bother!! is better than we have now so please give us a hand get somewhere new to go!!! And if i can get it for Sunday i will be a LEGEND!!!!!=) Regards Scottyboy
  12. Hi John me there are a few clubs around the area, if you log onto the sacu website folow the links and you will get a full list of clubs there is also the lanarkshire club www.lmcc.co.uk. I also ride not far from you. Do you have practise land? Scottyboy
  13. Hi i didnt remove any wiring this was done prior to me getting the bike. I have looked and followed the trials wiring diagram and it all seems as should be. I let the bike idle for almost 15min and the fan is not cutting in. Ive got a mate who claims to be a wiring wizz!! But would rather get it sorted myself. Any more ideas????
  14. Hi just looking for an idea on why my fan is not working??. I phoned main dealer and the mechanic said he had never had any faults with them, only perhaps the relay was disconected but apart from this gave no other insite?. The relay is good and is where it should be!!!. Does anyone have any ideas?? Also can anyone confirm where and home many restrictors there are in the exhaust? And what are the advantages of removal? The bike is an 06 and has been used for 1 hour so she is new!! Thanks in advance Scott
  15. Hi Jeff here in the uk we can obtain a DAYTIME MOT thus not requiring the lighting kit??. Have a look at the requirement for the test and see if this possible. Hope this of some help Regards Scott
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