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  1. Nice one thanks will no doubt see you all there!!!
  2. Guys can anyone tell me where in gorebridge the trial will be held? Been livingin the brig for 2 years and recollect a quarry anywhere? Be good to bring kids along for a watch! Seeing as there the reason I don't ride anymore ?
  3. davh

    2008 3.2 Sherco

    I am looking for a 2nd hand four stroke?? I've owned a mont before and although the quality is obvious there expensive! I've been looking at sherco 3.2 they seem fairly resonable cost wise. I am looking to see if anyone has any experience of them, what to look out for etc etc most importantly are they reliable?? Is it worth spending the extra on a mont ?? Cheers in advance
  4. Can anyone clear up what the future holds for montesa? And will Anyone offer support at future SSDT events now sandifords have no more involvement with montesa? I am looking to get another one but not if there wont be any support at SSDT!! Any help would be great!
  5. Sounds terrible Mate!!!! You should have bought a Montesa like i told you!!! It could be because the beast is pump your forearms up that much you didn't realise you were pulling the throttle on full tittle!!!! Sound advice mate clean the carb, get a one way valve for the tank!! Failing that sell it and buy a 500 MAICO!!! Prob got less power than that monster!!
  6. davh

    4rt Tick Over Question

    OH MY GOD !!!! Scotty Boy it could have something to do with that !!!! I've bought a new helmet ye ken fi big wull so i'm trying to stay upright now !!! Good Son how's it going you still clearing pubs with a single fart !! Oh CHrist that was me !!!!!!!!!
  7. Guys, hoping you can put my mind at rest i have an 08 repsol and when it is sitting on tickover the is a definate miss or pop from the exhaust ??? I've checked everything and everything appears OK ?? I've changed the oil's and filter, changed the air filter (new), new spark plug and up'd the idle speed as it was a pig to start seems ok now though!! But still has that noise from the exhaust ?? maybe i'm being paranoid, i sure hope so!! First four stroke i've had and i love it but still finding my feet with the maintenance side of things !! PARANOID !!!! Cheers in advance !!
  8. davh

    Lakes 2 Day

    How much you looking for each room ?? Ain't boked anything yet sounds ideal feel free to contact me 07787554530 Cheers Dave
  9. Right guys i am needing help sealing my rear wheel, i've tried silicon, tiger seal, but nothing seems to hold air !! i had my rims anodisied and don't know if that has had any effect it shouldn't have but hey you never know ! It's starting to drive me insane everytime i got out on my bike i have to pump the tyre up every hour, i have checked i don't have a puncture, and it's a new dunlop thats on the bike which is meant to be a better fit ????? Hoping someone has had this experience before ??? If not anyone selling a montesa rim as thats the next move !!!!! I don't want to run tyre gunk but it might do a temporary measure !! Any help would be apreciated Cheers Dave
  10. davh

    Ssdt 2008 Dvd

    Hi, Do you have any footage of David Houston (108) ?? Probably falling over or getting a five but would be nice to see regardless ?? Cheers Dave
  11. Alright mate The same thing has just happended to mine and after endless testing and checking we discovered the Stator is away only on the regulator side this is unusual but does happen the bike will run as if it is fine but the fan won't spin and you'll also not be getting anyway lights, horn etc etc. This happended to my bike on the last day of the SSDT and had to nurse it home from pipeline across a real stinky moor !!! She's ok now though and i finished !! Happy Days !! John Lampkin will sort you out regardless of the prob ! Cheers
  12. Andy Minns of Border Bikes fame is riding a Xispa 250 and think he is going to be dealing them !! So they can't be that bad eh ?? It's as good a test as any if it survives that it will survive any trial ??
  13. Theres a guy on ebay MJB Racing in Walsall they shoudl be able to take care of everything i just had my wheels anodised black and they look the B*****ks !!! Hope this helps Dave. Link to Auction - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/trials-mx-bike-wheel...1QQcmdZViewItem My wheels stripped rebuilt anodised and returned totalled
  14. Cheers for the help guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except Eddie of course no taste dude !!!!
  15. Can anyone shed any light as to where us Beta Lovers can purchase the many trick parts on the new 2008 Top Trial Team Bike, i.e the white plastics silver carbon parts etc etc ????? Any help would be appreciated i am planning to strip my 07 Rev 3 over Xmas and get the frame and wheels powder coated or anodised not sure yet and would love some of the bits shown on this bike !! it's minted !! Cheers Dav
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