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  1. sutty

    Frame ID help

    Please can someone id a frame number its believed to be a DMW but unsure someone has tryed bacon books but no luck
  2. is there anyone out there that can id my frame number for my Dot
  3. does anyone know where I can buy shiro trials helmets im looking to buy 5 of them in different sizes
  4. my daugther is 10 yrs old and wants a bigger bike should i get her a gas gas cadet or a rookie either way where is the best place to get a secondhand one from and what faults do they have
  5. sutty


    can anyone tell me if the kickstart shaft on this aprilia 311 is the same size as a rotax mt350 or mt 500
  6. sutty

    Swm Kickstart

    i only need the splinded piece of the kickstart as the rest is good
  7. sutty

    Swm Kickstart

    can anyone tell me if a swm kickstart is the same as a aprilia tx311m
  8. sutty


    anyone know where i can get a kickstart for one of these also where the best place for general spares ie plastics if avalible
  9. cheers for the replys i wish i had the time to run it unfortualy i only get every other sunday off which is a shame but needs must i have been involved in running a club before so i no how much work goes into running a club and how its left to a few dedicacated members to keep it above board if things change at work i may be intrested
  10. can anyone tell me if breidden hill mcc are still running trials as ive tryed to go on there web site but it wont work
  11. this is a primative way to iliminate what the problem is take the spark plug out and put a little bit of petrol down the plug hole put the plug back in and kick it over to see if it starts if it does you know its a fuel problem if it doesnt then you know its possably electrical it is primative but it works good luck
  12. im not sure but i think they are the same as an italjet when i use to work at a bike shop years ago they sold italjets and they had the same frame and engine hope that helps
  13. sorry to all the people who think the trial is at swans farm there has been a mistake on macc site it should read a round of the swan and its at frodsham caves 11am cheers
  14. where can i watch the vidio as i dont have eurosport cheers
  15. sutty

    Bernie's Book

    do you want to sell it ??
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