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  1. oh no. lets hope not, you checked all the earths and fuel breathers? start with simple stuff first. you not riding sun morning?
  2. you been putting wrong fuel in it again... doesnt need oil in fuel, these tractors just run on regular pump diesel.
  3. copemech i was doing a 1 lapper with lite road work but mainly green lanes through the north yorkshire moors, i didnt leave this info out on purpose just was mithed of with the after care. My local dealer has been very helpful and as been on the phone with GG whislt i have been with him, he said the same about the SSDT which he was told it happened to 2. The parts where just over
  4. Yeah thats the impression i got, shame really for the amount of money a new bike costs now you would think they would be keen to keep on top of warranty work.
  5. Hi all, was just wondering if any one else has had a problem with the plastic end of a 2011 250 pro? mines melted away!! Been in touch with gasgas uk but there saying its not covered under warranty? bike is 7 months old, i know the warranty is for 6months but surley it shold last longer than this? The exhaust hasn't had a bang or anything just noticed it after a trial other day. Thanks John
  6. does any one of any pics of bikes in back of a 110 thinking of changing the transit for one, Cheers
  7. Have you tried doing a compression test i had a similar problem hard to start from cold ok when warm turned out to be piston rings. The 4rt needs high compression to start, check the engine oil see iff fuel is getting into it. You in scarborough to?
  8. Hello, does any have or know if you can get a bike in the back of a 4x4 pickup with a hard top cover on, so the bike is stood up but thiefing scumbags cant see it. any pics would be helpful,Thanks
  9. Thats right its the little vac pipe, i know it doesnt seem right thats why i also said if i didnt see it with my own eyes i wouldnt have believed it to. agriculture 4 strokes dont have as tight clearance as a fine tuned engine.
  10. Yes sorry problem sorted been out playing for the last week and half on it, Narrowed the fault down to the piston rings, even though it had decent compression it didnt have enough to crank up. Found it was the piston rings after swapped every thing electrical over with the other bike. The pipe that goes between the fuel pressure regulator and the engine intake had a slight split in it and sucked some fine dust in once mixed with the fuel made a fine paste, once bike was stripped down the 2 top rings were stuck into the piston, once new rings fitted and cleaned up, re built fired straight up, Problem sorted, Hard to believe and i wouldnt have belived it if i didnt see it. Thanks to evey one that joined in.
  11. Not yet going to try that tonight or later in the week.
  12. going to try the other case this week the other bike is my bros and hes been doing a trial all weekend and got 2 through the week so he wont let me take to much of, was running fine before hand but taken all caseing of since the problem and checked the wires all good, the stator looks good but dont know if the windings are still good.
  13. Yes bike has good earth cleaned them up, new plug new cap had cap of and ht lead against engine good strong spark, Kill switch conected and disconected. Did not unplug side caseing tie wrap it up to engine as done before. Had fuel injector off and squirting fine. any one have a blink tester in yorkshire area?
  14. the 2 outer cables, put the amount it says in the book with filter change, Just done another ohms reading on every thing and think i could have narrowed it down to the ETC switch? Any one had a problem with this? does any one know if this would put the bike in a safe mode so it wouldnt start or run? does any one know how to test them on or off the bike? Going round the bend.
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