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  1. Hi, Can anybody advise please? Looking at txt 125cc 03. The bike needs a good tidy and replacement rear mudguard. Can anybody give me a rough idea of price? Thanks guys.
  2. Scotty boy, Right I wont tell anybody.... Been there on my mountain bike before and seen a few momo bikes there too, so its on the list. Dont know how I can get there without leaving the van and trailer... Ive got 3 road bikes just now, went into trials for the change of scene but I know what your saying. The bikes ive seen before have been guys on old crossers, nearly knocked me down riding flat out once....appreciate what your saying about keeping "low key" Its people like that who ruin it for everyone....and I should know as I was one of them on a road bike, he he. Cheers for the reply it appreciated. Ive got somewhere else on the list if it works out Ill pm you but you cant tell anyone!
  3. HI, Just bought a Montesa and started getting into trials. Ive got a Glen near me but ive got to watch out for police/public and I guess it will be short lived... Looking for anywhere that I can practice around Stirling/Falkirk area. Will be joining a club once i get the basics sorted. Any help appreciated.....! Cheers
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