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  1. a bike trailer ! and damaging fork seals is what i was worried about
  2. Anyone got a link to a video of a trials bike being strapped to trailer ! with the suspension travel im findinding it difficult to strap bike without it moving every 100 yards
  3. i would get a proper trials bike and leave that one as it is ! never seen on before bud !!! Nice bike
  4. asmara

    trials pants

    thanks for info guys ! Ended going for Jitsie Domino pants
  5. asmara

    trials pants

    Hi Guys, .looking for trials pants ! not lycra ! so am i just looking for any off road motorcycle pant ???
  6. asmara

    New Boots

    Has anyone used the waterproof inserts in the formas and are they any good ?
  7. asmara

    New Boots

    Hi Guys, I bought my first pair of trials boots ! Forma Boulder, after looking at some posts on site ! love the boots and they are the correct size, but very constrictive ! do they just need wearing in ! and are all trials boots tight to begin with ???
  8. Having just watched the first two episodes of this show i have the utmost repect for Ross, with limited trials experience to even enter the ssdt takes some balls !
  9. when i think about the lycra ones ! max wall pops into my head ! anyone remember him lol
  10. love the upandovers ! bit pricey for me though !
  11. Got The Helmet ! now need some pants ! any suggestions ? no lycra lol as im almost 50 !!!
  12. asmara

    trr helmet

    Thanks for your input guys, helmet ordered yesterday and arrived today, sizing is spot on ! and the helmet just feels quality
  13. asmara

    trr helmet

    hi guys im gonna buy an airoh trr helmet ! how acurate is there sizing guide as no trials dealers near me ???
  14. as a complete novice, i tried my1997 gas gas 270 jtx, with the fast throttle the previous owner had fitted ! my opinion is that a slow throttle is better suited for a beginner ! i felt that fas throttle gave me very little control over the bike ! slow throttle now fitted and seems mor manageable to me !
  15. Hi Guys, buying a pair of trials boots Alpinestar no stop or forma boulder, not decided yet, i need a boot with serious arch support ! any advice, also as buying online wont be able to try on do you guys normally order exact size or a size bigger in trials boots ???
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