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  1. no sign of fading from Bou.. he's got a few more years.. Busto is awesome he just needs a few more years to mature.. lots of possibilities
  2. medeiros494

    2018 RR

    What transmission oil do you use in you bike? we cannot get the Nils oil that comes in the bike from the factory here in the states.i put the Maxima light oil in it after break in. the bike seems very unsettled now, I'm a club man rider so our sections are basically very tight turns with some minor obstacles always just above idle. clutch is very jumpy with this oil. what do recommend I try? i would appreciate any advice.
  3. medeiros494

    2018 RR

    Which do find more stable? ??
  4. medeiros494

    Hose clamps

    Thanks guys. You have no idea how many people I’ve asked.
  5. medeiros494

    Hose clamps

    What are the hose clamps on 2018 RR called. The type name. Where do I get the tool to remove them. ??
  6. medeiros494


    Thanks. Did the research. 93 pump gas it is. think Sunoco has a 94. Ethanol is the big issue. I try to ride at least a week and the bike are stored inside my shop which is heated and air conditioned. I'll run the bowl dry after riding. Should be fine. 1/2 VP Isn't that expensive. Makes 10 gallons of reduced ethanol fuel.I think our fuel is 6% ethanol here. Lots of riding with that.
  7. medeiros494


    Maybe VP C-14 50/50 with pump gas? Is it even that critical?
  8. medeiros494


    What fuel are people using in their bikes? Manufacturer wants 98 octane unleaded which is not available at the pumps in the US. Am I going to ethanol free race fuel at $15/gal? What are you guys doing?
  9. The 300 does. The 2015 260 does not. Came with a seat though! ?
  10. Simple question. How much faster is the fast throttle? What are the advantages and disadvantages of slow and fast. I'm riding a montesa 260 4rt. Ordered a fast domino to try out so I'll find out on my own soon enough but would appreciate some feedback and opinions on this subject.✊️
  11. medeiros494

    2018 TRS RR.

    Thanks PJC. We climb on rocks, ride in streams and climb slick muddy slopes while pretty much wearing yoga pants! Tell me about being rational again!?. I'm really hoping they change the color...???
  12. I'll do my best to compare and share. ?
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