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  1. It's official! Busto is a Vertigo rider for this year.
  2. This is an anti-theft parking lot. The rear wheel is stuck in a ditch and the suspension is attached to a root of a tree.
  3. Definitely the second option. I always liked to park my Montesa 315 this way
  4. Nigel, We join CEE the former UE in 1986. There isn't a tradition of trials in Portugal, specially in the south. There are a lot of enduro and MX riders. Here in Azores is the same.
  5. Hi all! I don't think there's any trials club in Portugal. There is a Trials School in Lousã in the center of Portugal, near Coimbra. The majority of the trials riders are in the north, near Porto and Braga. And, then, there's me and my small Group in the middle of the Atlantic...in Azores
  6. I think the Vandal LR doesn't have a seat. The diferences from the Vandal are the bigger fuel tank and the electric starter. This is, IMHO, a very interesting feature for the older, I mean, for the more experienced riders...
  7. ruixina

    Vandal Lr

    Do you think so????? You should look at our market.. :-( :-( :-(
  8. Aloha Jayboymaui! Are there many trials riders in Maui? Usually we hear about surf and wind surf in Maui. It's the first time that I hear about trials.
  9. ruixina

    Vandal Lr

    I agree! Anyway i would buy one if I could. I think it looks great.
  10. ruixina

    Vandal Lr

    Hi All! The Vandal LR looks great. Has the same engine as the Combat, in a different chassis and has an electric start and a 3.4 liter fuel tank. I think this is a perfect trials bike for trial excursion.
  11. Bom dia Cascao! Tenho a certeza que estes estágios com o Jordi Pascuet, mais cedo ou mais tarde, irão trazer novos pilotos e melhorar os que já existem. O Brasil é um mercado enorme e tem possibilidade de se tornar um dos principais países, no que diz respeito ao trial, na América do Sul. Abraço Good morning Cascão! I am sure that these stages with Jordi Pascuet sooner or later, will bring new pilots and improve existing ones. Brazil is a huge market and has the potential to become one of the leading countries in respect to the trial in South America. hug
  12. ruixina

    Engine Debut

    Hi all! There are rumors in Spain that the Vertigo engine will be used, mounted in a Scorpa frame, by one of the factory riders in the next Tres Dias de Trial de Santigosa. According to these rumors the engine is been developed by Francesc Moret and now by Dougie Lampkin.
  13. An electrical starter button
  14. Well, If you consider that the owner of Vertigo is sponsoring Toni Bou this year...
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