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Hopping bike and suspension setup

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I'm about 220lbs and an intermediate rider. I have a 2018 TRS 300RR. I'm trying to learn hopping my bike but having a hard time. My suspension rebound is set quite dampened which suits the West coast of Canada where the mountain climbs are long, steep and rooty.

When I jump down hard and compress  the suspension i find it doesn't spring back fast enough to elevate the wheels off the ground.  Is this normal? Even when i compress and pull up hard the tires barely come off ground . Should i make  the forks and ring coil more "springy". Any suggestions and methods appreciated.

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With the right technique it doesn't matter what your suspension is set like, suspension rebound only plays a small role in aiding lifting of the bike (weight transfer plays the biggest role). However, at 220 lbs and an intermediate rider id consider looking for a stiffer spring than standard at least in the rear, there's a good chance you're bottoming out when you jump down hard on the suspension, and this certainly won't be helping your hopping woes. The speed of rebound is dictated by the spring stiffness as well as your damping after all

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