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Bosi mud guard and front fender

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Does Bosi Mudguard and Front Fender (with Bosi bracket) fit my 2018 Evo 200. If you have installed these on a 2018 Evo 200 or know it will fit without problems, please let me know.

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I dont think there is any difference in the position of the mudguard fixings on the forks.20190509_161426.thumb.jpg.9ce9d7eec6b3e940ce9cb189c3e99766.jpg

  Just fitted one to my 2019 Beta 200 and found when fitted there was no space on the brace to feed the brake cable through unlike the original beta mudguard. 

I cut out and filed a space for the cable to sit neatly and it looks good.

There is a hole pre drilled on the Bosi brace and I was told this was for attaching a cable tye to keep the cable secure.Thought It looked crap so cut out a notch.




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