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Sy250 hydraulic conversion to cable?


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I bought this actuator arm from the hell team in Australia.  Just got scared thinking of pulling the motor out and apart to change it out.  But from what you are saying I just need to take the push rod pressure off it and should be able to pull it out and pop the new cable one in?  I think that’s what I’m hearing. 

Ive had street bikes and this trials bike is new to me but it’s a bit of a nightmare with the hydraulic clutch setup. Can’t fix that so I’m doing what I think will get it setup. 

Im old lol. And already took it to a mechanic for no good reason and that didn’t work out. So I’m doing this on my own now and have only you great folks to help with my dumb questions. 

I did manage to beat the mid pipe into a shape that will allow this whole thing to work out in the end hopefully. 


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I just looked at the parts diagram in the SY250 manual found on The Hell Team web page and it shows no fastener for the clutch actuator arm. All I can see is the actuator arm, the oil seal and two arrows indicating where to put grease. You can look for yourself here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/11nqsbkutyhwk4i/AACv6HDKAjyWGC4tSl-b-qfpa?preview=Engine-Manual-SY250.pdf

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You will need to drain the coolant.  Remove the kickstart lever.  Remove the clutch cover.  Remove the small bolts and clutch springs securing the clutch pressure plate.  Remove the pressure plate.  In the center of the clutch is a pusher, remove that.  Next there is a steel ball, remove that, then withdraw the clutch pushrod.  With the pushrod removed, the arm should lift out.

Accomplish the reverse to reassemble.  You may need a new gasket on reassembly.

The link below is from a TYZ parts manual and visually explains what I just wrote, sort of.


The link posted by Feetupfun is the service manual.  That shows a similar sketch, but is handy as it is a workshop manual explaining the clutch disassembly.

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