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Stolen - Sherco ST 300 20th Anniversary edition 015


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Definitely, wheels, and engine have 20th Anniversary Edition on them, the bike is uniquely numbered (015). Think it was some opportunistic scumbag that had it away And doesn’t realise what he’s got. It was in the back of a friend van parked on his driveway. There was a couple of expensive push bikes stolen at the same time from someone in the same area. Thanks for looking 

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On 12/16/2019 at 12:56 PM, teamferret said:

Seems a strange bike to steal being so distinctive and new. Some parts will be saleable, wheels and forks etc but the rest will be hard to shift won't they?

Anything appears to be fair game at the moment. Catalytic Convertors on cars gone in under 60 seconds. Van doors pose no threat to opportunistic arseholes who cant be bothered to earn their money and actually pay for their own playthings. You find out who stole it and they then threaten to burn your house down. Cops aren't interested far too busy appearing on TV shows.

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