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Bob Hitchcock

Help on OLD Montesa LaCross Please

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Bob - New from Tucson, Az

67 Montesa LaCross


I pulled the Montesa out of the garage after 25 years due to a different location.  Life just gets in the way.

What amount of oil do I put in front forks on each side?

How do I hook up the condenser?  Which side of coil?

Does wire coming out of engine go to positive side of coil?

Bike has set for 25 years - still turns over well.  Do I understand that there might be an issue with starting

because of the magnets inside of the flywheel. Do they loose their magnetism ?

Is there a procedure to start this for the first time?


Thanks for your help in advance.





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Montesa and Bultaco are much the same and diagrams are available to resolve the wiring issue. Magnets go bad. Lot's of good info on youtube. I think degaussing is relevant term.  

bypass the fuel tank unless it's been leak tested and use a temporary tank. 

Once wiring was sorted and coil disconnected,  I would prepare a mixture of gas and oil, may be 50/50 and squirt some in the intake when the piston is down, object to get down transfer ports to crank case. Lay bike on each side with the objective of lubing crank bearings and seals. Don't go crazy.  Let it sit for hours totally horizontal on each side. Stand the bike upright, remove plug and place thumb over spark plug hole and kick the bike over. You should feel serious pressure. Reconnect coil. Make sure your kill button is connected. 

With plug out of head but connected to the coil wire, ground the body of the spark plug against the head or some legit ground. Some ignitions can be damaged if this is not done so clean the paint off or whatever. Kick it over. If you have no spark, check connections, typical would be weak spark. If you have a good spark that will fire under compression you will hear it snap. 

Once you have a good spark, carb and fuel system are clean, put in fresh premix according to oil maker. Generally 32:1. Using more mix oil than is suggested is a bad idea as oil doesn't burn and takes up space in the fuel system causing a leaner fuel mix, We lubed the seals earlier. Turn on gas for 30 seconds and turn it off. loosen carb drain plug and see make sure you have fuel.  Air filter is off, carb slide moves with throttle and closes with audible "clunk".  Give it a couple kicks, 

Should the motor take off for whatever reason, have something to cover carb intake like a piece of wood, not a rag. If it does run, shut it off quickly and read the plug. Don't run it lean. 

This should hold you over till better advice comes along. 




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Hi FT Welder.

On my Montesa Cappra I would like to take the condenser and relocate it to the coil area - to get it away from the heat at the crankshaft.

Your thoughts on this - is this an remedy.  Is coil and system on 67 Cappra 6v or 12v coil? Or something else?


Thanks for any help.




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