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SWM Clutch Upgrade


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  I have a newer style clutch cover with the larger actuator balls I would like to install on my 1980 SWM TL320. I would like to see if it does pull a little easier and my original cover has a small crack in it and needs repairing.  I also have the newer pressure plate. Do I need anything else? The hub from the ATK (Rotax 244) parts book has a different part number than the older style SWM. Will I need to change that too? Thanks 







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I found out I can use the newer cover with the larger actuator balls with the older style clutch. But the clutch works even better with the newer style inner clutch hub and pressure plate. I had the pressure plate. I found the newer inner clutch hub at my local trials shop, picked it up yesterday.



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On 5/3/2022 at 3:42 AM, dozerash said:

Part fits perfectly 

Good to know, and it do work well. 

When I upgraded my SWM with original spare parts there where no problems, prices where low and most stuff was available.

Now supply has come to an natural end.

I ordered many tiny parts twice back then to have a spare, did so too with the enhanced clutch engage system. These where sold a bit over ten years by Dagaracing in Italy for just a couple of Euros...

No one needed that stuff beside a group of riders on weird bikes... that changed much and now the part party is over, likewise to TXR covers...


With a coupke of bikes I would leave one stock... 

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