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bultaco lobito gear selector help required


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hi i am a new member recommissioned a bultaco lobito 175 new piston new conrod kit new crank fitted by acme motorcycles

put crankcases back together gears seem ok got engine going ... problem is fitting gear selector and return spring within clutch side casing

if return spring is fitted as attachment photo then gear lever cannot move between 2 "bosses" 1 stationary in casing near clutch and 2 boss on selector back which attachs to pawl

mechanism at 12o clock mechanism then held square by casing                             ......if spring is fitted as photo end of spring will not pass boss on casing

any help would be welcome struggled for 2days ..must be missing something here ...engineering here seems naff compared to rest of the bike    bike is 1975




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The spring as shown in the picture is fitted correctly

Are the pawls located properly in the selector plate? 

Remove it and check they haven't dislodged. When you fit them ensure that they are both held in position by the flange around the edge of the plate and clear of the gaps in the flange The gaps enable them to flick out and engage in the selector drum once installed.

When the pawls are located properly, if you hold the plate in the position it will be fitted to the engine the peg on the selector will be roughly 2 o'clock (possibly 10 o'clock, depends which way the peg is pointing when you locate the pawls. Fit it in this position which will keep the pawls located and then move it to about 12 o'clock. There is some free play so it will move either side before the pawls engage in the slots in the drum. Then you should be able to just push the selector shaft in locating the spring either side of the peg in the crankcase and the slot should line up with the peg on the plate

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