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TRS 280 RR 2018 freshen up

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a few questions

1 - i am trying my freshen up my 2018 280rr. i am thinking of getting the frame powder coated and fitting some new decals. Would a set of 2020 decals fit (ie, is the frame the same for a 2018 and a 2020).

2 -  has anyone used Amped decals as they are less than half the price of TRS ones.

3 - i have fitted the low compression head insert but didn't notice much difference, can i also fit a thicker head gasket or is it one or the other 

4 - i want to change fork oil.  I am 100kgs and already have the heaviest spring. Any suggestions on what grade fork oil to use and how much.


many thanks for your help

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3.There's no head gasket they have o rings. You could fit an extra base gasket, this does affect port timing but still works and is common mod on lots of bikes to soften the power.

Frame I think is the same but you could check with trs UK?

Amped decals I've used before on a gas gas, no problems.

If its an rr then you can adjust the damping, both compression and rebound, have you done this ? If not use the adjustment and stay on std oil. ?

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