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How about a Trials Manoeuvre Dictionary?


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Throughout this and other threads there are innumerable discussions about various techniques and manoeuvres that digress into discussion/argument about exactly what's what, sometimes degenerating into completely unnecessary vitriol, or sometimes just becoming a confusing mismatch of terminology. I haven't found any definitive "Trials Dictionary" either here or elsewhere online.

Perhaps a sticky could be put here with broadly agreed definitions of eg.

  • Roll-up
  • Double Blip
  • Zap
  • Splatter
  • etc

Each should have all the commonly used terms worldwide (or at least in the english language as that's the default here) ie Zap, Jap Zap, Zap Zap are all used interchangeably in various parts of the world, similarly Splatter, Splat etc. If there are any areas that overlap then that can be explained in the Sticky - eg "Eastern Zulu Tribesmen refer to the Roll-up interchangeably with the Double Blip"

If such a thing already exists perhaps a sticky linking to it would be all that's needed.

Obviously we'd need to get agreed definitions, probably needs a bit of recognition that those with the most experience and the highest skills carry more weight than others, but no reason anyone couldn't participate. Suggestions should ideally include brief reasoning behind it - ie Double Blip does not use clutch, just two bursts of the throttle (ref Ryan Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj48DkxZRaM)

A sticky with that info could save a lot of pointless semantic argument and give beginners a clear place to start to get their terminology clear.

Really it should be pretty straightforward to throw together. Just needs the key differences that delineate one technique/manoeuvre from others.

I'd suggest starting with the roll-up and building from there, one definition at a time. Once there are these 4 or 5 definitions agreed then a Sticky goes up (whoever can do that).

Any takers?


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I'm going to take the liberty of posting my definitions as a starting point:

Roll-up - accelerate before the obstacle then roll off the throttle as the bike arrives at or climbs it. Flywheel inertia carries the bike over, hence "roll"-up. Variations include lifting the front wheel and touching the front wheel high on the obstacle.
Double Blip - blip throttle to lift front wheel, when it hits obstacle second blip to drive the rear wheel in to the obstacle.
Zap - Lift front wheel (either blip or a bit of clutch), when it hits obstacle clutch dump (combined with building revs prior) to snap the bike up and get extra rear wheel lift.
Splat(ter) - Aggressive acceleration, usually with clutch dump but not necessarily, to launch the rear wheel directly into the obstacle. May involve a kicker or not.

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