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Fantic 200 clutch O ring.


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Fantic 200 Minarelli. Have a slight oil leak from where the small push rod enters the caseing. Understand there's an O ring on that rod, and want to change it and hopefully stop the leak. 

Problem I have is I can not get the rod out. Can get it to poke its noise out with a magnet then grab it with some small pliers but can't get it out.

Am I not trying hard enough, or have I missed something?




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Remove the clutch cover and pressure-plate. Push the rod, the small push rod with O-ring will come out on the other side.

normally it is always possible to get the small rod out without removing clutch cover. Perhaps you are missing the ball between the two rods.

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Hi got the same leak on my bike. Checked and the rods been replaced with a rod with no o ring...no the wonder its leaking. I've sourced one with 2 o rings, problem though they are from Italy 🤔 The parts are about 12 euro, delivery etc total 37 euro....24 GBP for delivery 🤮 £34 all in.

See attached what they look like.




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