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1976 sherpa t125 frame sise differance.


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Hi all just had the ebay itchy fingers and brought a 1976 sherpa 125 rolling chassis, I'm wondering if the frame is compatible with the bigger 250/350 engine's or is built especially for a 125 motor. I know the wheels are 1inch smaller than the 350 etc but that's about all the information I can find on frame dimensions. I have two potential motors to fit in the roller, a yamaha 125 aircooled 4t the type that comes in the tyf or a pit bike engine. I'd like to fit the yamaha engine but there will be a fair bit of fabrication as it's probably a little taller than a 125 air cooled 2t, but if I come across an original bultaco engine of a bigger cc I might go down that road cheers. 

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 that rules out sourcing a bigger cc motor then,iv been doing abit of trawling  tonight and did notice that in the photos. I found that the crankcaseing are the same on the 125 as the bigger cc engines, and on a old thread someone has bored a 125 to 185 but for the money that would all cost its going to get a transplant .ohh well it was brought as a project for my spares anyway cheers for the info. 

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