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Hi everyone , my name is Dave and i have been into trials for the past 2 years, i currently have a 2020 beta evo 4t factory. I was hoping to get some advice on if advertising parts im making is allowed ? I ask because ive started making fork seal guards for different bikes and i need somewhere better than facebook to advertise. I've attatched a photo of the part but dont want to spam the forum trying to sell them obviously.


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Hi , thanks for your reply yeah ive sent a few to trial tube so they should be in the next video and also send some to I.P.T who seemed very keen on them but then stopped replying for some reason. I will be contacting some other suppliers like you mentioned thanks

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Hi , they are made of tpu and protect the metal surrounding the fork seal from being cracked or scuffed when dropped etc. I have made them to mount under the front mudguard and act as risers and will also be changing them to protect some of the fork stanchion aswell as seen in the last 2 photos here




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