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Cota 247 Standard Gearing


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What kind of help are you looking for?

You dont know how many teeth on front or rear sprocket?

You dont know where to buy standard sprockets?

You have purchased some standard sprockets but they dont fit the rear wheel or the gearbox shaft?

Your 520 chain does not fit the sprockets that you already have?

Your 520 chain is slipping/jumping on the sprockets that you already have?

etc, etc.


Be a bit more specific or descriptive to help us help you.




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Thanks. I’m just after what the standard gearing is so number of teeth front and back. 

mentioned the 520 chain just in save that had an impact on the 9 or 10 On the front. 

I did look on line and at my dodgy scan of a manual but no joy.  

it’s a simple enough answer if you know of course.  

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3 hours ago, dr nosh said:


Are you riding with the Dabbers group (East Anglia)?

Yes, well that's the plan once COVID has done it's thing and cleared off.

I did ride with the local Cambridge Matchless club >10 years back, so hoping for something more appropriate.  Having raced enduro for >20 years, thousands of road miles and heaps of track days for me Trials is the real fine art.

Are you a Dabber?

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