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Ossa TR-80 measure up for new shock absorbers


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Looking for help, I have a Ossa tr-80 coming from Spain, it is several weeks away and I would like to get a pair of Maxton rear shock absorbers under way before it get here.

The units are built to order, the information they need is;

front and rear axle weight, 

swing arm pivot to rear axle

swing arm pivot to bottom shock mount

swing arm pivot to top shock mount

shock absorber length

top shock eye diameter and width

bottom shock eye diameter and width.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.



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Hello Listerjag,

You ask a lot, and I know that is what Maxton requires but I doubt you'll get all those dimensions and weights until you do it yourself on your own bike when it arrives.

Even if someone did post up the info your after, would you really want to rely on that for being accurate when you are going to pay approx $1000 NZ for Maxtons delivered to your door, I wouldn't.

Wait until the bike arrives.

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Try getting hold of Stephen from eclassicbike over in Motueka, I rode against him at Kaikoura last year & he was riding 1. The way the shocks sit so far above the swingarm may change what maxton need to do to set them up 

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Thanks, I think Forex is right, it’s too big an ask. 
 I’ll wait till the bike gets here and measure up everything Maxton ask for. 
They said they can work upto an angle of 45 degrees. 

I was hoping there was someone on the forum that had fitted a set to same bike. Steve has used a different make of rear shocks. I think. 

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