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Removing spring cartridge

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First post

I have visited the forum many times and try my best to research.

I’m hoping someone can explain how I remove the springs from  97 JTX 270. 

Bike was given to me and I’m fitting it with stiffer springs. Getting the cartridge pulled out was a snap,but now I’m struggling to remove the actual springs. There was a tiny Allen bolt in the cap and I was wondering if that has something to do with it? Other though was the aluminum ring on the lower steel section.


thanks Paul


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Pull the spacer down at the top and you'll see that the top cap is screwed on and also held with a lock nut, there's a tool you can buy or make to hold the spring out of the way while you undo it. 

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Thanks so much. I guess I wasn't pulling it down far enough. Makes way more sense.

Found this after your message. So everything makes sense now


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