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Urgent help needed with Sherpa 191 parts.


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Desperate to get the Sherpa finished in time for the Bultaco Club UK do at the end of July. I still need an inlet manifold ( never had one as bike came in bits ) part Number 158.10-029 and the original swingarm isn't straight so i could do with that as well ( not 100% sure but think it's 159.03-002 )  if you know of anyone who has spares lying about please ask around.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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inmotion don't have any but the 199 one was mentioned so it may be worth getting one to modify. Did find someone in spain under an ebay listing for 159 engines who said they would have to remove it from an engine but communication is a bit hit and miss!

As for the swingarm...... the two sides of the pivot end where the bushes fit don't line up!, if you fit the bushes you cant get the pivot shaft through,  how does that happen?

Luckily living near Cambridge we have an excellent old school metal shop. I've got 2.5mm plate and some mild steel tube with the same inside diameter as the swingarm. So it's time to try some surgery.

I'll let you know how it goes but in the mean time i'd still buy a swingarm if anyone has one spare.

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