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Sherco/Scorpa 2012 vs 2017


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Kids has been on trials training for a while now and I am looking for a bike for myself. Oset 24 is not that good for weighty grown-up.
What is the general thing to look at used Sherco/Scopra 125
2012/2017 main difference is in tank placement, 2017 or the "normal" placement seems to be preferred around here in forums.
Sherco is 2012, S3 head and some major overhaul done in 2017

Scorpa is 2017, stock head, seems cleaner, 400€ more expensive.

I probably don't feel difference in forks/suspension, is it Reiger/Ohlins or some small nuances. Biggest concern is the maintenance cost on first year. If I would have to overhaul engine or changing major bits and pieces on 400€ cheaper one, then it does not make sense.
Being a total newbie in motorcycles - never owned one, rode probably far less than 10miles in my entire life 🤣. So it will definitely be a bumpy ride.



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Got the 2017 Scorpa. A lot of learning to go through now :) And being suprised about that 125 being very powerful, could not be more amazed (and have more respect) guys riding 250-300 🤯. Starts seriously well, very suitable for young and light riders even.
Huge main ratio 10/56,  1st gear seems nearly impossible at the moment. 2nd with lot of clutch is only way to move without embarrassment.

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