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Daft question time!


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Just about to order electrexworld ignition for the Sherpa ( 191 ). I don't need DC lighting system but it says the basic one is available in 6v or 12v. I'm embarrassed to say I'm not sure which it is, I can't see anything on it to suggest either.I has the Femsa 4 magnet flywheel which is about 98mm inside diameter.Presumably early ones were 6v, did they change to 12v....if so when?

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Some people want to run modern lights (LEDs) which need 12V DC to work so they make that available.

Bultacos only came standard with 6V lighting systems. Some Bultaco models had had a rectifier and a battery (so the lights would work with the motor stopped) but Sherpa Ts had no battery and the lights ran on 6V AC

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Thanks for that 

Thinking about it I don't suppose it actually makes any difference as long as the whole system is changed.The electrexworld system is designed to work with the Femsa flywheel .

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