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ePure Propstand


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The propstand on the ePure holds the bike too upright so I have found I have to search out a low spot in the ground to place the stand on when parking up. It's a bit of a pain in the posterior so I went looking for a solution. Now I've put a washer under the inboard fixing to the swinging arm. It seems to be better in the garage, so I'm hopeful for the trial tomorrow. If it turns out to be better but not enough, I'll try two washers but that will need a slightly longer screw as there isn't a lot of thread engagement.

Tyre clearance is also extremely tight. I don't know what can be done about the spring/tyre clearance but I've cut off the redundant spring lug and that definitely helps. Before, during and after photos below.

The photos also illustrate the crappy quality of the paint. This is an 8 month-old bike! But I suppose that's down to Sherco who supply the stand, and not EM.




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I took the pivot bolt out of the kickstand, and then drilled a new hole for the pivot bolt just a little further down the kickstand, then I ground the old hole and kickstand end to be "round" with a flap wheel.  Took a while, but made a huge difference.  Sorry, didn't take photos..

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Really at a loss on this one, as my stand is not even slightly problematic. The bike leans well to the right. In the past, I have had bikes that you dare not hang you helmet on the side opposite the kickstand, for fear of tipping it over! However, as you can see in the photo, not at all an issue. I really wonder what is causing owners to have different experiences. Something not consistent, for sure.




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