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hi all

just bought a 2002 gas gas txt pro so that i could do courses set out for modern bikes and not destroy my old TY mono!

I really like the bike but it has several issues! last sunday at rileys railway it blew the thermostat out at the bottom of a 30ft bank, its a pig to get into neutral and a proper git to start!!

I think the starting issue might be down to having old fuel and it looks like the pilot jet has sheared off.hopefully a dip in the ultrasound tank and a new pilot might solve this problem. i have tested the fan with a battery and it runs ok, bit concerned that the pressure relief valve in the rad filler cap didn't blow before the thermostat, anyone else had this issue?

thanks in advance


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Make sure your airbox has been modified to the 2004 spec if you're planning on playing in water.

My TXTPro ran like crap when I got it, a carb rebuild kit (just over 10 quid at the time) and untrasonic clean and it started and ran great right through after I sold the bike ;)

Edit: Oh yeah, also welcome!

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There was a drain hole fitted, without it the airbox fills with water any time it's splashed up and there's no way for it to get out.  If you look for photos I'm sure it's easy to add one yourself.

The reason I said about the rebuild kit is because it replaces all the little squishy bits including o-rings that often go off with age and cause air leaks, the Dellorto carb has more of those than other trials carbs I've fiddled with (admittedly not many), but maybe it does only need a clean :)

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